The name is Farhana bt. Marwan. 18 years old, currently living in the always sunny country of Malaysia. You may know me from my now dead previous domain, deathsex.org. I will be studying at Limkokwing University, but for now I am bumming around like the champion bummer that I am.
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You'll sleep in hell

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 8:32 AM

Listening to: "Horseshoes and Handgrenades" - Green Day


from their new album "The Hot N' Heavy".
awesome shit, really.


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Let the light shine in

Monday, June 29, 2009 9:11 AM

Listening to: "We'll Sleep When We're Dead" - Blessthefall

I got a letter from Limkokwing a few days ago, saying that I will have to pay the course fees, and some other stuffs for the coming academic year. And on the receipt I found out my student ID number and all that. To come and think about it... I've only got less than a month of lazing around at home before I'm off to college. But meh, I've had enough of staying at home. I actually miss studying, to tell you the truth. Of course lah, once the assignments come in, I'll be regretting all the stuffs I'm saying right now.

7 months - okay wait, scratch that. 8 freakin months of bumming around. That is NOT good. My brain is moving at less than 1 km/h, man. It's either the Internet, the TV, the computer or the bed. Bingeing does not help not even one bit. It only helps to increase my waist size and that is bad. I think my brain is rotting without the needed brain work out, y'know?

I'm off to play some word games on Facebook. At least that can give my brain a bit of a work out. Smell ya later!

P/s: New layout. Made by me, always. Enjoy.

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You f**ked with the wrong, son of a bitch!

Sunday, June 28, 2009 10:42 AM

Listening to: "Can't Help Biology" - Drop Dead, Gorgeous

Don't say I didn't warn ya!

Starscream - Decepticon

I can safely say Starscream is my favourite of all Decepticons. Why? Because he is beautiful. I mean, he takes form of a F-22 Raptor, man, and that is one beautiful beast to be controlling the skies. Sure, he didn't help Megatron in the first movie, but we all know why. He wanted to control Decepticon, that's his obvious ambition. Starscream is the most powerful Decepticon, only Megatron standing his way to become the most powerful Decepticon.

My favourite Autobots in the movie are Skids and Mudflap. I love them. The Twins are hilarious. Especially when Leo was involuntarily brought into Sam, Mikaela, Bee and the Twins problems as they were running away from Decepticons (and media/police). And I absolutely love the brotherly love between them as they fight each other. But we all know they love each other. So cute.

My cousin liked Jazz, but he was kiled off in the first movie by Megatron so he couldn't see Jazz in the second one. Poor thing. Arcee got the BEST dialogue EVER. Only one frikkin line, during the heated battle of Decepticon vs. Autobots + Humans at Egypt. Man, that's a lot of hard work. LOL. Jetfire, in his jet form is super. He looked beautiful. Once tranformed, he looked like a "rusty metal" lol. He walks with a cane-like thing, which he uses to fight Decepticon too. He then asked Optimus to merge his parts with Optimus. When Optimus did that, his new and bigger form reminded me of one of Power Ranger's Megazords, LMAO. I know, I'm a kid.

It was an awesome movie all in all. And worth the 2 1/2 hours of sitting on my flat ass. I warn ya, though. Better buy the tickets a day early or you won't get the chance to watch it. When I came out after the movie ended, all 9 shows for the day are full. Yeah, that's an advice.

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RIP Michael Jackson

Friday, June 26, 2009 7:56 AM

I came on Twitter first thing in the morning like I always do and saw a few Tweets about how Michael Jackson died. At first I thought it was a joke, but then I googled him and saw a news report by CNN confirming that he died. It was a shock, of course. I thought I was going to go on a cardiac arrest too, lmao. Oh well. I remember when I was a kid, we had two tapes of Michael Jackson's greatest hits with videos and stuff. And my cousins and I would dance along and singing his stuff and tried to moonwalk and all that jazz. Oh well, RIP MJ, then.

Oh and Farrah Fawcett died too.

*sighs* Why in the bloody world Limkokwing's intake is in 27th July? Can't they push it forward? Jeez. I'm sick of waiting, man. All this moping around like a hermit doing unproductive stuffs at home. I think I'm getting more lethargic. I haven't been doing anything at home.  

Sucks that I have to miss out watching Transformers with Syaza and the gang tonight :( I'd really love to meet up with all my former primary school mates, and have a good time tonight but nooo. I hate not having a transport of my own, a.k.a a car.


Name one person that you think is the epitome of awesomeness:
Me. LMAO. No lah. Umm... Mitchell Davis.

If you went to the end of a rainbow & found gold, what would you do with it:
I'd buy myself a private jet and get tickets to watch my favourite bands live.

What's one of the most painful lessons you've had to learn?:

Do you own a sketch pad?:
I think so.

If you had a piggy bank, what would you name him/her?:
Er, Piggy Bank. Wow, so original.

Favorite Play-Doh color?:

If you had a paper bag, what would you make out of it/draw on it?:
Power Rangers

What's more fun to step on; pinecones, or leaves?:

Who was the last person you talked to on an instant messaging program?:
Fytrie. I don't get on MSN that often now.

What do you think of this person?:
She's the best :)

Do you have a certain way that you organize your CD's/DVD's?:

How many stories is your house?:

Still own any of those plastic lunchboxes with cartoons on 'em?:
I had one of Power Rangers, and then mum threw it because I stopped using it.

Animal crackers; yay or nay?:

If you have a nightstand, what's on it?:

Do you like spending time with your parents?:

Have you ever gambled? (Even amongst friends):
Lol, yes, kot?

What do you do with clothes you've outgrown or don't want anymore?:
Save it kejap, and then if I'm positively sure I'm not gonna use it, then give it away.

Your latest ex calls and wants to hang out; what do you say?:

If you could go visit anyone right now, who would it be?:

Are you planning on dressing up for Halloween this year?:

Honestly, do you/would you give into peer pressure easily?

Is there anyone that you are currently interested in?:
Honestly, nope.

Do you personally know any midgets?:

What's the best "book-turned-movie" that you've seen?:
Harry Potter, maybe. That's one of the best thing that ever happened in my life apart from Power Rangers.

What's the main ringtone on your cell phone?:
"Eyeless" by Slipknot. "Two Birds, One Stone" by Drop Dead, Gorgeous as my message tone.

Would you be a good salesperson?:

Do you own any rechargeable batteries?:
Nope, except for my phone battery, lmao.

You own a bazooka, but it only shoots out fruit; whats your fruit of choice:
Durian. It can kill once it lands on a person's head.

Where's the first place you would go if you had a private jet?:
The U. S of A first. Watch my favourite bands bla di bla, then to the UK.

What was the last compliment you received?:
Sumpah, I can't remember. My brain isn't functioning properly today.

Do your parents put a lot of weight on your shoulders?:

What color was the last bath towel you used?:

Are there a lot of books in your room?:
Quite a few.

When's the last time you used glass cleaner?:
Not sure.

What's the weirdest shaped cloud you've ever seen?:
Dragonite. Y'know that creature in Pokemon! I'm a Pokemon nerd.

Are you happy with your relationship status?:

What's your favorite gaming system?:

If you had a pet goat, what would you name it?:
Becky. LOL

Do you have a lot of freckles?:

What are you most looking forward to this summer?:
We don't even have summer here.

What does your shower curtain look like?:
We have doors instead.

What was the last thing you plugged into an outlet?:
My laptop battery charger.

When's the last time you rode in a buggy?:

When is the last time you weighed yourself?:
EONS ago.

Have you ever gone out of state for a concert?:
Oh yes.

Who is the last person you slow-danced with?:
LOL. I wished it'd be Colin Farrell.

Any framed pictures in your room?:

What does your wallet look like?
Pink, quilted.

Would you ever put lawn gnomes in your front yard?:
HAHA, really? No.

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Favourite Love Songs

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 10:28 AM

Wahhh, so jiwang seh. Ahem, well I'm not particularly in the moon over someone, but I'd like to share with you some of my favourite love songs. Who knows maybe you're too curious over them that you might download them and listen to them. Anyways, here goes (in no particular order): (The ones in italic are part of the lyrics.)

1. "Maps"  by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
I've always LOVED this song. It's so sweet. And the video for it is awesome as well. Karen O really did cry at the end of the video. It's very genuine and... I don't know, I just love the song. (Wait, they don't love you like I love you...)

2. "Gifts and Curses" by Yellowcard.
Ah, I remember buying the soundtrack for Spider-man 2 just for the sake of this song. Not that I had to fork out the money, mum bought it for me. I loved that song. The words to the song are so beautiful, it kinda tells you what Peter feels towards Mary-Jane. (I see your face with every punch I take, with every bone I break, It's all for you. And my worst pains are words I cannot say, still I will always fight on for you...)

3. "Only Hope" by Mandy Moore (originally by Switchfoot).
I have to admit, I love Mandy Moore's version. It's much more sweeter and overall way more beautiful. Seen A Walk To Remember before? I did cry while watching the movie. I've seen it over 3 or 4 times now and I've cried all the way through. Such a beautiful movie AND song. Plus, Shane West is hot, hehe. (So I lay my head back down, and I lift my hands and pray to be only yours I pray, to be only yours. I know now you're my only hope...)


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Happy Daddy's Day.

Sunday, June 21, 2009 10:27 AM

Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn says the band’s new album is likely to come out in 2010, although he refused to confirm how many tracks it will contain.

- Source: Sonisphere Festival

New album means new tour dates. New tour dates means a small chance Slipknot would perform in Asia. Slipknot in Asia means a 0.1% chance of them performing in Malaysia. Hey, 0.1% chances pun, there are still a small possibility that they MIGHT perform here.

ANYHOO. A small shout out to my dearest dad. Because I've always been a daddy's little girl, although I just hated that term, lmao.
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, BAPAK! I'm glad you liked the card that I gave you, hehe. LOVE YOU TONNES!

YAYNESS new layout made by me featuring the band The Horrors. I just downloaded their album "Primary Colours" AND AND I got a tiny bit excited when I entered Topshop and heard their song playing, lol.

Yeah, I don't know what else to say. I just finished listening to Drop Dead, Gorgeous new album "The Hot N' Heavy" and now I'm listening to Slipknot's "Iowa". Maybe Taking Back Sunday or Green Day next? *winks* BYE BYE!

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The Virus of Life

Saturday, June 20, 2009 12:38 PM

After close to an hour going around Polyvore, I've came up with these:

I like all things floral now, I'm not so sure why. Plaids are so overrated, it's like everyone's wearing them and fringes are so yesterday. And I don't get why people are liking the whole harem pants thing. For me, that pants are ugly. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks so, but idk. They're just ugly.

I really want a pair of Doc Martens. The floral and the leopard printed ones are so pretty, but I'd buy a plain coloured one for myself. The question is, where am I supposed to get the moolah? -.- Oh, the joys of being broke and unemployed. Yay.

LOL at the Slipknot shirt. I just had to put it in for obvious reasons, really. I've only three band tees, Avenged Sevenfold, Daft Punk and Rolling Stones. I can't see myself going to a Slipknot show wearing that shirt with that oh-so-gorgeous Balmain shoes, though. How do you expect one to do a big time hardcore dancing in the middle of the room with a pair of heels, man? Flats or converses it is.



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Dropping more F-bombs

11:23 AM

I wrote out a lengthy rant, but then I decided against publishing it. I've decided to be numb for at least another month. I refuse to be degraded by some assholes of "friends" (I'm not referring to my close friends, am simply referring to others who thinks they have a big say in my life). This is my life, and you certainly don't have a say in it. I can do what ever the fuck I want in my life. And as far as you go, you're not a part of it, so fuck off. I can choose to fuck my life or to make the best out of it and I certainly want you out of it.

LMAO, I ended up ranting again.


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I fucking HATE labels.

Thursday, June 18, 2009 10:47 PM

I hate it when guys (especially Malay ones) who thinks girly girls can't listen to rock bands. Just because I listen to The Devil Wears Prada, Underoath, Emarosa, Drop Dead, Gorgeous or Slipknot it doesn't mean that I have to dress up like a fucking rockstar with eyeliners and nothing but black attire. WE LIVE IN A (NOT SO MUCH OF A) FREE COUNTRY, FOR FUCKS SAKE, what gives you the right to call ME a poser or look at me as though I am one? Of course, I love fashion, I try to keep up with the fashion world, but that doesn't mean I listen to Hip Hop and (c)rap music. I may not look like one but I'm definitely a rocker at heart.

So why is it that if I were to attend a local show here, guys tend to look at me as though I don't belong there? Why is it that if I enter Rock Corner or or Kompleks Pertama in search of CDs of my favourite bands the abangs there look at me as though I'm lost? As far as I know there are no written or unwritten rule that says girls who don't dress up like a big rock chick can't listen to rock stuffs

Look at my Last.fm, those are the bands that I listen to EVERY SINGLE DAY. Why in the bloody fuck would I want to download over 13 gigabytes of hardcore music if I don't like them? Seriously, drop with your snobbish attitude! I've got guys who get download links for albums of Emarosa, Bring Me the Horizon, etc. FROM ME

This is what I FUCKING HATE THE MOST about Malay guys who are so called "hardcore". Gender and the way a person dress should not be a reason as to why we can or cannot listen to hardcore music

So here's a big FUCK YOU to those sexists!


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Boredom strikes, yet again.

8:58 PM

I saw Avenged Sevenfold's DVD (forgot the title, lmao) at Rock Corner Mid Valley on Tuesday. It was priced at RM19.90. My jaw nearly dropped then. I thought they sell DVDs for over RM100+, especially bands like A7X. I want to try looking for Slipknot's Disasterpieces DVD or or or Green Day's Bullet In A Bible. Hopefully it'll be cheap.

Wait. I can always ask my cousin to download them for free, muahahah.

Anyways. Life has been pretty much boring. Except for the fact that I went to Mid Valley with Denon on Tuesday and went to Malacca with her earlier today. Other than that, life has been pretty much monotonous. And I can feel myself gaining a few inches from my bingeing activity. -.-

I am so bored. Why can't July come a bit more faster? What are you waiting for, Malaysia to fucking snow? *sighs*

OH OH OH and I just read on SK1.com's forums (Slipknot's official fansite) Paul's (the bassist) blog. He said that the band is "trying" to play in Thailand and Malaysia. C'mon, guys, come to Malaysia. You've been to Singapore before, so now it's Malaysia's turn. And PLEASE PLEASE Malaysia, let Slipknot perform here! I'm finally of legal age to see them live! I hate having to see them live on Youtube everyday; that's so pathetic. No Asian dates are included for their All Hope Is Gone tour, so HOPEFULLY when they finally decide to add Asian dates, they'd add Malaysia in their list, yeah? *crosses fingers* 

p/s: Expect a new layout tomorrow.

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Picture Post... wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Monday, June 15, 2009 10:02 AM

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Just some random burst of thoughts.

Sunday, June 14, 2009 12:21 AM

Hello, I am indeed back from my short vacation in PD. It was fun, to say the least. I also went to my cousin's new place in Damai Perdana. Visited him and his wife and their 3 month-old daughter, Arisha Tazmeen. My new niece. :) I want to buy her some new baby clothes, but I'm running short of dosh right now so I can't :/ (pictures on the next post)

Because of my friend and my future collegemate, Faiz (a.k.a Sepet), I'm feeling all lovey dovey-ish. Funny how I'm giving him advices on his relationship when I myself have a very bad history in terms of love and relationships.

Contrary to what most people think about me, I am a very very VERY shy person. I am VERY shy when it comes to the opposite sex. I'm not like most girls, who tend to flirt around harmlessly. I'm just VERY VERY shy. And I'm a bad conversationalist. Most guys don't know this about me. Well, see I'm telling you know. Keep that in mind, folks.

I had a not-so-wonderful, 3 week relationship with this guy who a) kinda sorta share the same name as me, and b) shares the same birthdate with me. Before him I have this short term fling with this guy who works in the Mines Hotel. I was 15, he was 19. That lasted from December 2006 to February 2007, where we celebrated Valentines together. He came down from Serdang to Seremban to celebrate it with me. Then came this other guy. After 7 amazing months to which I was so sure we were close to being an item, he bailed out on me. Pathetic, ey? 

But I tend to give good advices on love, ironically. One of my principles are if you can't trust your partner, why bother being in a relationship with him/her? I also believe that if you loved someone, you LOVED someone even if your relationship with him lasted for 24 hours max. What bout interracial love? I truly, 110% accept it. I don't mind it if my boyfriend is a Chinese or an Indian. It's not about the person's age or race or religion. You can never question love when it happens. It'll just happen, y'know? It'll appear in times when you don't expect it at all and when love strucks, it'll get you good. Love isn't like baseball; after three misses and you're out. NO. It's just there, sometimes you're just too oblivious to notice it.

So yeah, thanks Sepet, for bringing out my jiwang-ness ;)


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Vacation Attempt Number 2

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 9:27 AM

I'll be heading off to PD later today with the parents and my two cousins. Hopefully Vacation Attempt Number 2 will turn out good. The only downside of it all is I can't enter the pool, for obvious, girly reasons, lmao. If it weren't because of it, I'll be jumping in the pool like a mad chimpanzee for sure. 

Anyways, hopefully it'll work out. So yeah, if it does I'm away for 2 days.

Good day!


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So much for our little vacation

Saturday, June 6, 2009 10:41 PM

Yep. That didn't happen. I guess I should've expected it not to go well. Malacca is having some sort of a fest thing that's going to last until around Monday or Sunday, not sure. But the 'rents insisted on going down and we were on the highway, all excited for our nice little vacation. 

5 KM away from the Ayer Keroh exit that we're supposed to take to enter Malacca town we can see a MASSIVE jam. No, no. Let me re-phrase that. 5 KM away, we're IN a MASSIVE jam towards the Ayer Keroh exit. Mum said, "Forget it, take the Jasin exit," so we did. And then tiba tiba the 'rents said that we're going back home. And I'm, like, "We're going home, home?" And my parents was like, "How many houses do we have?" LOL. 

So we practically toured the outside of Malacca and then we ended up at our house. 4 hours of sitting in the car for nothing. My butt has officially become flat and numb.

And that's how I spent my weekend. Hope yours are better than mine.

P/s: I worked on Btfonline.org a bit. Got the place a new layout and some updates, so go ahead and read them. :)

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I fight for the ones who can't fight

9:49 AM

I'll be going for a wedding in Pedas later today and from there we'll be going straight to Malacca for a short holiday. And when I say short, I mean really short. We're spending the night there, and tomorrow we'll be back. So yeah. Short post, I know.

Enjoy the new layout. It's featuring Corey Taylor, of Slipknot. Epic singer from an epic band. :)

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Patiently waiting for July.

Thursday, June 4, 2009 10:09 PM

Referring to Aysha's recent blog post, I too am waiting for July. Why? One obvious reason, really: I'm finally entering university after EONS of waiting and bumming around like a champion bummer that I am. I'm not looking forward to studying, no, nobody likes it of course. I'm just looking forward of starting a new phase in my life where I'll be leaving home for weeks just to study. I'm also looking forward for the fact that once I enter university, I have something to do be it studying. Now, the first thing I feel when I wake up in the morning is boredom. How sad is that?

But it sucks that I'll be the last one to enter university. I mean, by July most of my friends will have started their studies and I'll only start my orientation on 27th July -.- How sad.

But at least Aida, Denon, Aliaa & I will be in the same state, more or less. Aida and Denon in Shah Alam. Aliaa in Kajang. And I'm in Cyberjaya. We can always spare some time to see each other and that's awesome :)

Do you think I need a new layout? 

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Shit on Myspace that annoys me

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 9:38 PM

I find it rather annoying when people add me on Myspace and when I've approved them, the first thing they say when they comment me is, "Hi, do spam/comment my pics, yeah?" I'd normally delete that person from my friends list the moment I get that kind of comments. It's called "Myspace: A Place for Friends" not "Myspace: A Place to Collect Picture Comments From Friends". I do check out my friend's pictures, and I do give them picture comments, but I don't like it when a stranger add me just to ask me to comment his or her pics. You already have 300+ comments on one single picture (which I find is totally ridiculous unless you're a famous celebrity), why do you need even more?

Grow the fuck up.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009 9:41 PM

It never cease to amaze me how such simple gestures can leave a meaningful mark on someone’s life. 

I went to a Bollywood themed wedding of my relatives of my dad’s side last Sunday in PJ and there were a sea of people who were there that I personally don’t know of but there were a few that I know of. Although I know some of my aunts, uncles or cousins, second cousins, etc., I was never close to anyone in particular. I was always close with my cousins, uncles, aunts, etc. of my mum’s side. 

Anyways, we were exiting the hall when we saw a group of old ladies. Among these ladies are dad’s aunt, which, for me, is my grand auntie lah. 

Again, I was never close to her, except for the occasional “Hello,” “How are you?” and all. If my parents were to go down to her place, I would normally choose not to follow. We never really visit her that much and neither does she.

So I went and just salam-ed her and smiled at her. She smiled back and then planted a kiss on my forehead. And then she pulled back and just smiled at me without saying a word. 

The look in her eyes was indescribable. It was like she was looking at me as though I’ve achieved something so big that made her so proud. Something like that. I can’t really describe it. It made me appreciate her existence in my life, y’know? I seriously can’t put it in words how I felt towards her because of what she did last Sunday. But what I can say is that I am so deeply touched by that simple kiss on my forehead.


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