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Yadda Yadda Yadda

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 11:20 PM

Oh wow. School for the juniors has started, no? I kinda missed school. It sucks to be at home doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. But tkpelah, at least I'm helping Mum with her tuition. Very dull work, indeed. Sheesh.

It's already January 20th. And suddenly, I feel all scared about the results. I had a dream that I got 2% for my Physics -_- I know, what a nightmare. What sucks the most would be if the results day falls on a schooling day. Then all of us would have to take our results while the juniors will be in school. Then some of them nosey juniors will ultimately ask "Akak dapat brape?" and all that crap.

Serious wey, malu sey. I mean, what if I got a very low results? You see, being a Guru Cemerlang Biologi teacher's daughter is not the best thing. Other teachers would have this perception that just because I'm the Bio teacher's daughter, I have to do good in my exams. Well, NEWS-fucking-FLASH! I'm not as good as those kids in 5 Melewar, ok?! I sleep during Maths, History and Physics ok?!

Lagi malu if, say Shawn or Ashwin come and ask how did I do for SPM. Mana nk letak muka ni wey kalau result aku terok. Grrr. Si Shawn pulak, he texted me and gave me what he predict I would get for my SPM. Thanks, but I don't think I'll achieve those. -_______-

I'm wearing my sweater, and it's getting warm. I need to change.

Nitey nites. (It's already 11.30pm)


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Slurp Slurp Slurp

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 7:41 AM

It seems that I can never keep a blogspot alive, let alone my other websites. Sheesh. So what have I been doing these days? Well, I'm still waiting for that driving instructor to give me a call to start my driving lessons. This also means that during my disappearance from the blogspot scene I've gotten my L license and I am oh-so-smug about it. Apart from that I've been helping my mum with her Form 5 and Form 4 Bio tuitions. Mind you, I'm only doing this because she's paying me RM20 per week, lmfao. I is happy indeed.

Speaking of moolah, dad just gave me RM8 and grandpa gave me RM10 (instead of giving me RM5 as he promised, lol) so I'll be going out later with Denon and Aida (a.k.a the BFFizzles).

OMG SPEAKING OF MY GRANDPA! Today is his 81st birthday! (or was it 83rd?) HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD GRAMPS! XD

Aku rindu kau jugak lah babun! XD XD XD (In MSN, this would appear as a smiley ;)

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Oh, How It's Been So Long

Monday, January 5, 2009 8:41 AM

I've never got around to blog here anymore. I apologise. I've been working on btfonline.org so much that I forgot that I own a blogspot.

What have I accomplished so far? I passed my computer driving test, currently waiting to get my L license. I still don't have a job. I miss my friends. I miss school.

Lmfao, at least in school, we will actually do something rather than just being stuck at home doing nothing and letting my brain rot without doing anything that will make my brain work. For example, trying to figure out to solve a STUPIDCOMPLEX Add Maths question.

I'll be back soon. :)


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