The name is Farhana bt. Marwan. 18 years old, currently living in the always sunny country of Malaysia. You may know me from my now dead previous domain, deathsex.org. I will be studying at Limkokwing University, but for now I am bumming around like the champion bummer that I am.
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Ryan Eggold

Thursday, April 30, 2009 8:36 AM

Hi, hello.

What you're seeing now is a layout I made featuring Ryan Eggold, best known as Ryan Matthews, the 23 year old English teacher in 90210. At first I thought I want to use it for my other personal blog, but then I remembered that I closed it down. So yeah. I decided to use it at this place instead. Very orangey, I know. If you can't stand the layout just tell me and I'll try to make a new (and better) one.

DANG, I'd do anything to get an English teacher as hot as this guy on the left. 

Why I close Makeshift Hearts? Well partly because I want to take a break from this personal site thingies, y'know? I want to just stick with Blogspot for now, and probably until I enter college. Will I go back to having a personal site? Maybe. But not now. What's gonna happen to Deathsex.org? I will renew it, don't worry. So you may find me using that domain again in the future.

NEXT WEEK! X-Men: Origins with Aida and Denon! 

This year has so much movies that I want to watch!

Can't wait for all of them, especially Harry Potter. And Angels & Demons. YAY


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Stephen Moyer & Eddie Cahill

Monday, April 27, 2009 11:39 AM

Ever heard of a story called "True Blood"? Yep, it's another vampire story. But from what I can see from Youtube, I can tell you this one is better than Twilight. Twilight, on my opinion, is kinda-sorta child-ish. True Blood is, um, more sexier (HAHA) and more hotter. In terms of the vampire lah. Especially Stephen Moyer, who plays the lead character and vampire Bill Compton. YUM YUM

Did I mention, YUM?! *drools* He's so hot. PLUS, Stephen Moyer is British! Yayness!

Oh and another one of my long time celebrity crush is Eddie Cahill. He plays the hot Detective Don Flack on CSI:NY. *sighs* I can say that's one of the main reason why I watch CSI:NY without fail. Just to see his beautiful face. And blue eyes. Yum yum.

Sorry about this cheesy fangirly post. Hehe.


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Breakfast at Mickey Ds

Sunday, April 26, 2009 11:05 AM

I woke up today with this conversation with mum: 

Mum: Mak and bapak nk g breakfast.
Me: Ookaayyy (sambung tido)
Mum: Kat McD tau.
Me: Ookaa- hah?!
Mum: Mak nk g breakfast kat McD. Dengan bapak.
Me: Ana nk ikut!
Mum: Oh, kau nk ikut eh?
Me: Ye ah. Nnt Ana nk breakfast ape?
Mum: Ntah. Kalau cmtu cepat ah get ready, mak dah ready ni, tggu bapak je.
Me: Yelaaa.
So I dragged myself up, and brushed my teeth and whatnot, put on a pair of jeans (because I slept with a good shirt that I was wearing last night to a relative's house) and a black cardigan and all of us went to Mickey Ds (and no, I didn't mandi first. No time, ah, shaddap).

I knew what I want, so I ordered Big Breakfast. My parents pulak, pikir punya lah lame. They ended up ordering the same effing thing. And the bloody service was friggin slow. And I'm, like, "korang baru bangun ke hape?". But no, I didn't say it out loud. Because I'm kind, lyk dat.

Half way through my Big Breakfast.

Not even a scrap left. :D

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New template for my Bloggyspot

Saturday, April 25, 2009 3:49 PM

Oh wow. What is this? This, ladies and gentlemen, is the new layout for my bloggyspot. I made this template, like, eons ago. The background made by moi, coded by yours truly. I wanted a simple layout for my blogspot. I'd like to concentrate my creative juices for my other blog, so my Tumlr and Bloggyspot layouts will be plain and simple. And I like it that way. Whaddoyathink?

27th July 2009. Monday. That's the day when I'll enter LUCT to start my studies. I'd have to check in on the 25th, though. Oh and in mid June, I'd have to go down to LUCT to book a room in their in-campus hostel. So yeah. I hope the other kids there are nice and friendly.

Looking forward to these:

  1. X-men: Origins (Hugh Jackman, yum yum)
  2. Star Trek (yummy Chris Pine and Zach Quinto <3)
  3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Tom Felton yum)

It's gonna be bittersweet. HP will be our last movie together before each of us heads off to our respective study routes. Denon in (probably) UiTM, Aida in (probably) UM/UIA/etc., me in LUCT. Plus, Ariffah and Linda and Qeena and Alia. I'm gonna miss them a lot. 

Off to watch more Mitchell Davis to cheer myself up!

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Friday, April 24, 2009 9:12 AM

My days have been quite boring for the past few weeks. There will be one or two days in a week where Denon and Aida will come over and we'll have a chat or maybe drive down to Mickey D's or just lepak in Jusco. But other days, it has been pretty much boring.

Last Wednesday Denon and Aida came over, then we went to Jusco to buy a present for our 2008 class teacher Ustazah Naliza. We bought a wok set. We're giving it to her next week, I think. So off to KGV it is next week. 

I realise now that I have to start buying stuffs for college soon. This includes bag, clothes, books, stationery, bla bla.

Anyways, I have to go and get all the papers ready for tomorrow, plus today's my mum's Bio tuition day so I have to help her with that too. *sighs* I'm just plain bored of the usual, routine stuffs I do nowadays. 

I will go now and watch more Mitchell Davis on Youtube and listen to The Maine and Lady Gaga. 

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 10:54 AM

Mitchell Davis is my hero. 
He's effing awesome, he's hilarious, he's cute and funny. If you haven't watched his videos yet, well SHAME ON YOU!
Click HERE to go to his Youtube page with over 190000+ subscribers.


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Dez Moines

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 12:50 PM

We got the tele back! The old tele, I mean. I haven't test it out if it works (since we send it to the TV hospital a few weeks ago) but I think it's not fully healed just yet. I'm sure of it. Because the last time we send it to the repairman, the TV works perfectly for a day (or maybe two) and then it got busted again. I've tried to convince dad to get a new one but he's still so stubborn. He even went to Harvey Norman to check out the prices and yet we still haven't got a new one. *sighs* Dah lah tomorrow got American Idol!

I swear, I have too many blogs. I had accounts at Xanga, Livejournal, Vox, Blogspot and now Tumblr. It's ridiculous, I know. I abandoned my Xanga and Vox accounts, put my Livejournal one on an, err, indefinite hiatus, still using Blogspot and now I've opened up a Tumblr account. Lmfao. I think nobody visits my Tumblr blog, but perfectly fine with that. I might use that space for ranting purposes.

Anyways, here's the link: makeshifthearts.tumblr.com

I got a thick mail from the Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan regarding the registrationg date, what to wear and what not to wear, what to bring, yadda yadda crap. Didn't I tell you that I'm not gonna enter Matriculation? Yeah, not gonna enter. Why? I hate Science. Period.

I'm not even going for that IJN interview this Thursday. Fuck it, I wasn't born to be a nurse, hell no.

I'm boreeeeddddddddd!

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College Dilemma, be gone!

Monday, April 20, 2009 8:51 AM

Mum and Dad has decided to register me to Limkokwing this Saturday for the July intake. At least now I have some sort of assurance that I'm gonna further my study, be it in private college or public college. I seriously think there are no difference between private instituition and a public one in terms of studying. It's just that in public one, there's only one race dominating the social scene where as in a private instituition, there will be more than one race (and colour) mixing around with people. Therefore, there will be more than one state of mind, and not just ONE. Which is important for people who wants to pursue Mass Communications (i.e: me).

So yeah. Limkokwing this July. I'll be doing a Diploma in Multimedia, Advertising & Broadcasting for 3 years. I won't stop there, no. I'll continue to do a Degree in Professional Communications for another 1 1/2 years and then I'll come out with both Diploma and Degree certificates. :)

Mum calculated the expenses; it'll be RM10k per semester for me for the course, accomodation, food, travelling and emergency stuffs. (Now, don't start on the "ZOMG, SO EXPENSIVE!" crap. It's my future, so shut it.)

So yeah. College in July! :D

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Indecisive, really

Monday, April 13, 2009 11:48 AM

So I have that interview with IJN to go to this 23rd. I'm nervous about the interview part, like, what the fuck am I suppose to say to them kan. This is what I can imagine them asking me:

Interviewer: So why do you want to do nursing?
Me: Because I love Mass Comm and since I didn't get that bloody UiTM, Nursing is my backup.


Seriously lah wehh, I'm not gonna say that.

Mum cakap suruh tunggu until December 09, pastu re-apply for UiTM's December intake. But what if I tk dpt that one also kan, wasted one year wehh. Sooo, this week, I am going to visit Limkokwing and KLIUC to meet their counselors. That's my choices so far lahh. If I can't do public uni, I might as well enter a private uni, get a degree and work in a private firm. Kan? So yeah. Looking forward to that also.

KL tomorrow with Denon and Aida, so that should be supa-dupa fun. More updates soon lah k. 

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Guess what I got in the mail?!

Saturday, April 11, 2009 12:03 PM

RE: Interview Session IJN Sponsorship Diploma in Nursing July 2009
Congratulations! You have been selected to attend the interview session as scheduled below:
Date: 23 April 2009 (Thursday)
Venue: Human Capital & Organizational Development [HCOD], Lower Ground, Institut Jantung Negara
:D I suppose it's a good thing that I didn't get that UiTM interview. I will definitely go for this interview session. I am actually 70% happy and 30% neutral about it since I don't really want to do Nursing. But we'll see how it goes ;)
Can somebody help me do my resume? Thanks.

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Online Retail Therapy

Friday, April 10, 2009 10:47 AM

Now that I've calmed down a tiny bit, I've changed the layout of this place.

Yesterday Aida and Denon came over and their presence cheered me up. We also did some healthy dose of online window shopping therapy, that worked, too. Then I drove Denon's car and all three of us went to Mickey D's - Denon belanja-ed me Chicken McNuggets. Food therapy is comforting. 

I admit, it does suck to see some of my friends get the interview. Maybe they will get a place in UiTM for the July 2009 intake. It bugs the hell out of me to know that somebody with 1A (not for English, no) (I personally know this person) in SPM 2008 gets to be called for that damned interview. On what grounds is that person better qualified than me for that interview?

Enough of the ranting. I guess I'll wait to see if I get to land an interview to do Pre-Degree TESL course at UiTM. With an A1 in English and English GCE-O, if they deny me of that interview, then to hell with UPU. I'll apply to UiTM directly for the December 2009 intake. 

But of course, if I don't get the July 2009 intake, I want to know personally from them on what basis are they rejecting me a place in that university? 4As aren't enough? Then how come a person with 1A (one bloody A in SPM!) (and not even an A for English!) can get the Mass Comm interview session? On what terms is she better than me academically? I've got my debate cert to back me up, what does she have


In other news... I've just reserved this piece:

I've been looking for it for so fucking long, the cheaper one at another blogshop is sold out, so I found another one at Oh-Popsicles. It'll cost me RM40 including postage, but I think it's worth it. Why? because my Atopic Eczema-bound leg prevents me from wearing dresses, so with the above PVC leggings, I can wear them with dresses wihout having to care about my legs. 

Ana is a happy kid now.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009 9:24 PM


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LMFAO, Backstreet Boys

10:05 AM

Sometimes I wish I could,
Turn back time
Impossible as it may seem
But I wish I could
So bad, baby

Mannn, I remember singing my ass off to the awesome tunes of Backstreet Boys back when I was a tiny kid. I was, like, 8 -- fucking EIGHT -- when "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" was in the radio/tv. Fast forward 10 years and now I'm listening to the likes of Underoath and Blessthefall. What a leap, no?

I miss Deathsex.org already. T___T And I miss blogging using Wordpress. T____T

On a brighter note though, I'll be going out to meet Syaza and Kah Mun at Jusco. We're gonna meet for lunch then probably if sempat we're gonna watch a movie too. I'm going off in an hour (it's 10.00 AM now), take a bus, and hopefully I'll be there on time. I don't like public transports :/ I asked mum if I can borrow her car for today, send her to school in the morning, and then I'll pick her up when I'm done with my friends but nooooo.

The Saga is here, though. But I REFUSE to drive manual cars. I still don't know how the fuck I got my license.

Anyways, birthday was good. I got:
- RM100 from friends and relatives
- Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer from Aida
- A tiny snowglobe from Effah
- A teddy bear from Shifot a.k.a the birthday twin
- A bag from Dayang
- Two cute mugs from Kaka Razak and Ammai Bismi
- A musical pen holder from Raihan

So it's all good. Here's some pictures:

2KG Chocolate cake ordered from the geniuses in the baking industry: Wah Tung. Yum yum.

Shidot, Me and Aida.

Shidot (birthday twin ;)) and Moi, acting stupid.

(excuse the oily face, I was at the back doing the barbecue and stuffs)

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wtf?! moment

Saturday, April 4, 2009 8:16 PM

It's weird how last night I was happily browsing my main blog, checking if everything works fine and BOOM! "Th1s pl4c3 g0t h5ck3d" and I was like WTF?! I'm pretty sure they messed around with my Wordpress files. Thank God they didn't delete any files on it.

I'm currently going to delete my Wordpress folders and then I'm gonna email my hostees to back up their files on their computer. Then I'll ask Cassie to delete deathsex.org off of her server for several days, then put it back on her server and see if that works. Hopefully it will.

So until then, I'll post regularly here. I'll upload that Jared Leto layout I have on deathsex.org here for the time being. I miss using Wordpress, though. I've used it since 2005 and it is by far the best blogging tool out there.

And I'm a moron for not backing up my files earlier. No worries, once I get the site back up, I'll have a plugin or something so that it'll do daily or weekly back up.



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Thursday, April 2, 2009 10:46 PM

I'm kina ashamed to face my friends now because most of them got that JPA scholarship that I so bloody want. I'm ashamed because:

And I'm jealous because:

But hey, don't get me wrong. Kudos to those who've gotten those interviews. I hope you guys get the actual scholarship, but I can't help but to think that I could've been the one sitting there answering questions from those JPA pegawais.

The only scholarships that I've applied to are the Diploma in Nursing scholarship sponsored by IJN and SPA scholarship. I don't like the latter. Seriously.

How pathetic am I: My results didn't qualify me to apply Hong Leong scholarship, MMU scholarship and 8TV scholarship. They want at least 5As. Fuck.


In other cheery news, I'm doing a joint birthday party with my dad. I am celebrating my 18th birthday and he's celebrating his 53rd birthday this Sunday, so yeah. Looking forward to that ;)

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