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Dear Santa

Friday, December 19, 2008 4:47 PM

Dear Santy Claus,

I know that YOU know that I don’t celebrate Christmas, but hey, you should know that it is NEVER wrong to be part of the fun. Of course, I KNOW that you don’t actually exist, but I find it’s fun to write to somebody who never existed. What is the fun in that? I have no bloody idea. Anyways, I’ve been good this year. No, let me re-phrase that. I have been really good this year despite the fact that, 1) I don’t help Mum in the kitchen. 2) I don’t help Dad wash the car. 3) I watched the tele all day when I was supposed to be studying for exams. 4) I’ve spent wayyy too much money on things that I don’t really need. 5) I’ve lied to my parents just to get away with something bad. 6) …really now, the list can go on forever.

BUT, I swear, I have been good. I can’t list all the good deeds that I did here because… Well, I can’t think of any YET. SO, since I am POSTIVELY sure that I’ve been good, I would like to ask a few things from you.

It would be great if you give me a shitload of cash. I’ll be a happy bitch to wake up on Christmas day just to see that I’m actually lying on a pile of cash. Oh, along with that, why don’t you stuff a cute little car in my stocking as well? That would be a great present since I am getting my license this year and a car could come in VERY handy. Since you’re on a roll, Mister White Beard, why don’t you hand me a plane ticket to the States to see one of my favourite bands live? No, make it TEN of my favourite bands. That’d be awesome.

AND lastly and MORE importantly, I’d really appreciate it if you give me, and everyone else World Peace. It’d be awesome to enter 2009 with absolutely NO war, NO world catastrophes whatsoever. Make this world a better place to live in, for God’s sake.

That’s all. And thank you for taking your time to read this.

Love, Ana.

P/s: Can you PLEASE, ask that lady from that cheap skinny jeans store to re-stock size 28 jeans. Thank you.


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UOX rooftop gig

Sunday, December 14, 2008 9:55 PM

Yesterday, Denon and myself had a day out. Our first stop was at One Utama (OU) and we did a healthy dose of window shopping with her mum. When we entered Padini, I saw my ex working there. It seems that I keep seeing him everywhere now, pfft. From OU, Denon’s parents dropped us off at Mid Valley. One thing I hate about Mid Valley is that it is always so crowded. I hate crowded places. I hate the fact that I need to practically push people out of my way just to get to a store. Anyways, my jaw literally dropped when I saw a shop selling these AWESOME pair of skinny jeans for just RM$40! Like, OMG! Seriously, nowadays (in my area, though) you can never find a good pair of skinny jeans for under RM$100. So that was a HUGE bargain. But damn, they didn’t have my size :( And I left the store feeling so unsatisfied.

From Mid Valley we went to Bukit Bintang (BB) and it was raining heavily. Denon and I got a bit worried if the gig were to be cancelled. But we decided to just hang around Pavilion until the rain stops. And it did, miraculously. We bought food from McD, went to Lot 10’s foodcourt to eat (because McD was PACKED) and met Didie and his friend :) He then brought us to Kitaro, a small food stall in front of BB Plaza, the venue of the rooftop gig. Saw Rais, our junior from school. Then Didie, his friend, myself and Denon went to the gig and met up with Didie’s other two friends. Met up with Denon’s cute bro as well *drools* Haha. Saw a few kids from my school as well.

But then, we both felt that the gig was pretty much boring. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the bands that performed there was awesome, but somehow we didn’t enjoy ourselves. It sucks as well that I didn’t get the chance to hang out with Didie a wee bit longer :(

Other than that, dad bought me a new phone! FINALLY! Haha. My new phone is the Sony Ericsson K770, with 3.2 megapixels and an AWESOME sound system. :D Click here to see my new phone. Mine is the silver one ;)

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Monday, December 8, 2008 5:19 PM

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It's going to be more hectic for me

Tuesday, December 2, 2008 9:08 PM

I landed a job in Pizza Hut Jusco. I am excited to work there (6-8 hours, RM4.00 per hour for 6 days a week) BUT it sucks that they want their staffers to work on Fridays, Saturdays AND bloody Sundays. It means that my plans to go and meet Alicia (and that special someone) is scrapped, as well as my plans to go and attend Rock the World 8 on December 20th, which (un)fortunately falls on a Saturday. PLUS, I have to postpone my driving course this Thursday to next Thursday, and I don't know WHEN I'll be able to go to KL and meet up with my friends. :(

On to a brighter note, I saw Twilight today and HOLY SHIT, I LOOOOVEEEE it. Of course, the movie differ from the book but it's awesome anyways. Hands down, Edward Cullen is THEE most perfect man in the world. He has the attributes of a lover, a best friend and a soul mate. And I wish someone can say "You are my life now" to me. *drools*

Tomorrow I'll go buying stuffs for work which includes slacks, black shoes, black socks, and some make up stuffs (!!!!). Yes, we have to make our bloody selves up which is going to be weird for me because I've never worn make up before. Not since I was in kindegarden XD

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Monday, December 1, 2008 11:06 PM

Tuesday, Tomorrow: Twilight with friends, 12.40 PM! XD

Wednesday: Job interview at 4.00 PM!

Thursday: Driving lesson! 9.00 AM - 3.00 PM!

Saturday: Off to KL! XD



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