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Wednesday, May 6, 2009 8:50 AM

I know that my spoken English is not that good but I can safely say that my written English is okay-ish (never better than *cough*Vikram*cough* but better than most Malays lah) (admit it weh, some Malays knows nothing about good English).

Switching to "Ana the English Language Elitist" mode.

This is what annoys me the most. Random Malay dudes added me on Myspace. They started commenting with me. I commented them back. And the conversation moves to a healthy chat session at YM or MSN. Normal lah kan to insert a few random English words in a string of Malay sentences. And then tiba-tiba lak the next sentences from this guy all comes in in English. I had a bit of a laugh then since his English was bad. Like really bad. He said something like this:

Him: I'm hungry. I feel I have butterfly in my stomach.
Me: (being all English elitist at that moment) Asal you nervous pulak?
Him: Huh?
Me: Ye lah, you said you had butterflies in your stomach. Nervous lah tu. Why?

Kalau English kau bagus aku tk kesah lah. Ni ayat mcm kena Tsunami berterabur.

So snap out of it. I don't judge people based on their first language. For me, English is my first language since I speak in English even at home and most of my primary school years. But c'mon ah weh, if you're fluent in Malay, talk in Malay. If you're fluent in English, then by all means talk in English. I don't care. As long as you speak in a languge that I understand.

Tamil and Malyalam doesn't count. I can't differentiate between them but I can understand A BIT ONLY, so don't be a genius to try and talk with me using them.

Next up, lame questions and lame flirting sentences.

I'm sure most of us girls get this one in many social networking sites. I feel that it's downright stupid and ridiculous. Dulu I layan jugak all these stuffs just to have fun while at the same time expectine nothing in return. Now I'm purely bored of it all. 

If you want to know, I've only had 1 relationship in the past which only lasted for 3 weeks. Am I proud of it? No. Do I regret any of that? No. Sure, I regret having a relationship with that particular person, and I regretted having it lasted for 3 weeks only. But hey, just because it lasted for 3 weeks, it doesn't mean that we weren't in love. I wasn't in love. I liked him a lot lah, tu je. But in a way I learned a lot from that relationship.

That was 2 years ago. So why don't I have a bf now? Probably because I've come to a phase where I don't mind being single. I love being single. I'm not looking for anyone just yet. I love the fact that I can do whatever I want without having to report to a particular person of all the things I'm doing. That's a violation of my own freedom. I hate being chained down by another person, especially a guy.

Anyways back to my point. That's the reason why I don't do lame flirtings, lame one-liners, lame pick up sentences, lame bf questions, everything. I get bored of the same old shit they ask. 

I love replying comments from people who posted long-assed comments on my profile. Long comments with substance. Of course lah if that person comment about him all the time naik bosan jugak ah aku bace.

Next, online popularity. Haaa, ni aku nampak everywhere. Poorly edited pictures to show yg dorang ni hot and all. Making 1000 albums for each and every places they went. And then adding people just for the sake of asking them to comment their pictures. Gosh, I hate people like this. It shows that you guys have no real life with no real friends. I do take pictures with my friends when we go out, but I don't make several albums with dates on it to show how many times I go out. 

SEXIST REMARKS. I fucking hate hate hate this. Y'know it's the so-called "screamo/hardcore" trend now. I love hardcore music, been listening to them for years now. But now that the "trend" has started, guys tend to make sexist remarks against moi! I'll put a song by Emarosa or The Devil Wears Prada and they'll comment "Wow, tdwp eh. Tak sangka girls mcm u pun dgr music cmtu. Biasenya girls dgr hip hop/pop stuff." Well, excuse me for being different then

I've been listening to bands like From First To Last since 2005 lah weh. Korang baru nk start dgr skrg jgn ckp besar lah. Dgr pun band mainstream, TDWP, BMTH sume. Pastu dgr satu lagu je. Excuse me, The Devil Wears Prada? I have 2 of their ALBUMS. You guys dgr Bring Me the Horizon's song Pray For Plagues? I have their entire "Suicide Season" ALBUM. Korang baru je nk obsess with Alesana's song Ambrosia? I have TWO of their ALBUMS. Drop Dead Gorgeous? 2 ALBUMS are in my posession. Emarosa? 1 full ALBUM, 1 EP. 3OH!3 baru kuar Hitz.fm? I have their album since late last year

I'll be very grateful if you keep all the sexist remarks to yourself. Just because I listen to hardcore music and the fact that I was born with a vagina instead of a dick it doesn't mean that I can't listen to good music.

LASTLY, strangers having a say in my life. I hate this the most. Some people ask me which college I'll be going and when I answer politely Limkokwing, what I get in return is nothing but pessimistic and cynical remarks. Some people even say stuff like "Why LKW? Situ dah lah mahal, ramai foreigners. Asal u tk ambik scholarship Astro or 8TV? Asal u tk masuk UiTM or other public Uni? Asal u tk nk masuk private yg lain?" 

1) I ONLY HAVE 4As. I'm sorry I didn't get a string of As like YOU did. Hence I can't get any scholarship. 2) I DIDN'T GET UiTM. Public uni mana lagi yg offer mass comm, idiot. 

Here's why I can enter Limkokwing. For a 3 year Diploma course for selected courses (including the one that I'm going for, Multimedia, Advertising & Broadcasting) you only have to pay RM24k for the whole course. And when you finish this course you can get an additional 50% discount for the whole Degree course to enter the 2nd year Degree course. All in all, I only have to pay RM39k for 3 years Diploma AND 1 1/2 year Degree. That's even cheaper when compared to UCSI. 

Plus, who are you to try and have a say in my life? The last time I remember this is MY education and MY future. I don't even met you before, I don't even know you, you're a complete stranger. On what basis are you telling me how to live my life? C'mon. No more cynical remarks, okay. Advices are appreciated. 

Tu je lah kot. Penat type memanjang. I wanted to just rant out about some stupid stuffs that I find annoying. To those who read the whole thing, thanks for lending me your time.  :)

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posted by Ana @ 8:50 AM


At May 6, 2009 at 11:09 AM , Blogger Aysha said...

bad english annoys me sometimes,english is kinda my 1st language too.:)

and yeah dont ever let yourself being chained down by a guy.

as for the people who asked for comments,omg they just need a life.
and that's why i think myspace is lame.i'm there for the sake of my friends yg far away from me :)

At May 6, 2009 at 11:15 AM , Blogger calmaglar said...

well, banyak cakap, so banyak komen:

1.i think u speak english extremely well..ur mum's influence, i expect..good on yeh
2.i have a word for malay guys like that..'boyan'..dunno who coined it, but generally refers 2 the idiotic ones i hate
3.lameness; lol..i think most girls think most guys have lame-ass pickup lines..
4.good that ur proud of ur music...that bit in red was awesomely inspired genius..haha
5.considering how well u write, i read it in its entirety

thats it la, i think..lovely post..

At May 6, 2009 at 12:12 PM , Blogger ~nisshant` said...

well i have not much 2 add...vikrams sums it all...hey jst ignore sexist ppl...i know hw u feel (cuz my situation is soooo totally opposite. anywayz) so jst feel free to be you. another thing, i cant stand the fact that some guys (or girls) for that matter fake their english...horrible!
about the being-single-phase...i'm going thru a 3rd-person syndrome...i really hope i dont become a chauvinist (not that it's bad)...ToT

At May 6, 2009 at 5:47 PM , Blogger Diana said...

Lmfao! I think one of THE biggest turn off personally for me is when a guy talks in broken english. Or when he engages me in one of those really DUH dumb conversations. You know like "Hi, dah makan? Makan apa? Makan nasi? Lauk apa? Sedap? Siapa masak? Mak you? Mak mana? Mak nenek? Nenek mana? blablabla" omg go talk to the fricking wall or smth la. lol.

Great rant, btw. hee. <3


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