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Underoath love

Saturday, November 15, 2008 8:30 PM

EHMAGAWD. Have I told you lately that I'm in love? Yes, I am in love. In love with Underoath, that is. Seriously, Underoath is THEE most awesome band on Earth. They are VERY consistent and they manage to produce music that will make you practically addicted to them. I know I am. Ever since I downloaded their new album "Lost In The Sound of Separation", I HAVE to listen to them at least once a day. That bad. Yes.

Both the new album AND the previous one "Define the Great Line" is awesome. If you don't like Underoath, well, TOO FUCKING BAD. They're one of the best Christian bands around. No wait, they ARE the best Christian band EVER.

I'm off to download more stuffs. I saw the link for Bring Me The Horizon stuffs, probably gonna download them. Toodles!


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