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Aida's Little Farewell.

Friday, May 22, 2009 8:34 AM

Went out with Denon and Aida yesterday. And I told them off to specifically do not bring up the American Idol topic. For obvious reasons, heh. We teman-ed Denon to do some account-opening work, then we headed to Jusco (kt mana lagi nk lepak kt Seremban ni haa, haha). We lazed around at Mickey Ds, talking shit and everything. Then picked up Effah from KGV (she's in Form 6), went to her place, lazed around at her room (specifically, bed), ate french fries that her lil bro fried for us (so sweet), then head off to PD (because we were so bored) and lepak-ed there for a bit. Went to some stall there and just had a drink, talked more shit (we talked about drugs at one point and the mak cik sitting next to our table terus blah, haha) (I was imitating a crystal meth user, LOL) (NO I DON'T DO DRUGS), went to the beach, took pictures, went crazy, played with the water.

Drove back to Seremban at around 6.30 PM, arrived at Parkson at 6.45PM, lepak-ed with Ferol for a bit. 8.00 PM we went to Kemayan Square (because we thought of eating there, but we didn't), went to City Park, played with the excercise thingies until 8.30 PM, went to a restaurant behind JJ, behind the mamak restoran, ate there and laughed our asses off like silly babboons, went to Tesco (Effah wanted to buy 1) Magazine 2) burger), sent Effah home and finally Denon sent me home. Arrived home at around 10.30 PM.

All in all, we had fun. I thought I was gonna cry because it'll be my last time hanging out with Aida before she goes off to UiTM this Saturday, but surprisingly I didn't. We all didn't. We laughed like silly chimps all the way back. It's ridiculous. 

Picture of the day. <3

Quote of the day:
Effah: *points* Ade anjing ah kt laut! Anjing laut!




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