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Saturday, November 15, 2008 10:31 AM

No, SPM's not over yet, but I will still call it as school's over for me. Why? Because yesterday was officially the last day of school for this year before a month and a half long of school holidays. At least for you juniors la. For ME, or for other 2008 SPM candidate, we will have at least 6 months (if some of you tk dpt college, then longer holidays for ya'll la) - that is SIX, fellas - worth of holidays which ultimately mean lepak lepak lepak and more lepak.

Not so much la, because habeh kering la poket aku nanti. SO, to overcome that one bit, I'll go job hunting with my dear cousin, Udin who will be on his semester holidays until January. Ktorang plan nak g keje tmpat same, probably kat Popular or MPH Jusco kot. Easier for me la because then die la tukang drive, because obviously I don't have a license yet. Brains, people.

Speaking of which, I drove his Kancil that day. It was a VERY exciting moment for me as it was the first time I drove an actual car on the streets of Seremban. As I sat on the driver's seat with Udin as my, uh, instructor sitting next to me, the only thought I had in my head was, "Oh shit, I'm going to drive a real car. Not like in Need For Speed or Gran Turismo. This is a real car!" And heck, it felt soooo good driving. I drove for a few metres, and then I even parked the freaking car! How's THAT for a first timer! XD (Ala, auto car, boleh la bwk. If manual I'd be scared jugak la)

Mum and dad weren't so amused, though. Teehee :P

I've got SOOOO many things planned out for after SPM and all of them requires a whole load of cash. When you say money is not one's priority, well in this case, money is a priority in terms of having fun. PLUS, if there's any awesome shows next year, then I'll be able to attend. This year alone, I've missed Avenged Sevenfold and Taste of Chaos. Cam bangang. I don't plan on missing any exciting shows come next year.

Told ya I was going to leave the old ME behind ;)

Because I'm sick of having to think of someone or something to make a layout of for this place, I've decided to swicth to the old school simple template. Yes, brown. Ugly brown. Added my SPM schedule. Like you care anyways ;)

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